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Fish fillets and whole fish- Steve Costi seafood


Fish fillets & whole fish are handpicked, scaled, skinned, gutted & cut to order.

Every fish fillet is vacuum-sealed, ensuring a clean and maintaining freshness for a guaranteed period of 3-4 days when stored under 4Β°C.

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Tasmanian Salmon Fillet Skin On  350g from Costi SeafoodAtlantic Salmon Fillet skin off Steve Costi Seafood
Tasmanian Salmon Fillet, 320g. Sale priceFrom $18.50
New Zealand King Salmon filltet Steve Costi seafoodNew Zealand King Salmon fillet Steve Costi seafood
Ora King Salmon 320G Sale price$22.50
King Reef  Barramundi Fillets from Costi SeafoodBarramundi Fillets in a plate with condiments, 350g. (Serves 2) from Costi seafood
Blue Eye Cod fish fillets  Steve Costi's Seafood
Blue Eye Cod Fillet, 320g Sale price$25.15
Pink Ling fish fillets from Steve Costi seafood
Pink Ling Fillet, 320g Sale price$13.50
Hiramasa kingfish o  yellowtail kingfish fillets from Steve Costi Seafood
Swordfish Steak -320gSwordfish Steak -320g
Swordfish Steak -320g Sale price$15.50
Yellowfin Tuna Steaks from Steve Costi seafoodYellow Fin Tuna Steaks from Steve Costi seafood
Tasmanian salmon Side and salmon fillet pin boned by steve costi seafood
whole tasmanian salmon from steve costi seafood. fresh fish. scaled, gutted & ready to cook.
Sold outWhole snapper fish from Steve Costi seafood
Barramundi fish from steve costi seafood
Rainbow trout fish from costi seafood
Sold outNew Zealand Snapper Fillet, 350g from Steve Costi Seafood
Snapper Fillet, 320g. Sale price$23.50