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Squid Tubes in black plate from Costi Seafood Online store Sydney
Squid Tubes and condiments from Costi Seafood Online store  Sydney

Squid Tubes, 1,000g. (Serves 4)

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Squid tube calamari

Often referred to as calamari (which is the Greek name), squid is firm and white with a fairly mild flavour. Squid dishes take on the taste of herbs and other garnishes, making them easy dishes to prepare. Squid is very low in saturated fats, a great source of Vitamin B12 and phosphorus (like fish and prawns) which helps the body with calcium uptake.

These cleaned  fresh squid tubes are simple to cook, easy to prepare and can be ready within minutes. Crumb them, and shallow fry them in a pan with all the hard work cleaning already done. They are great tossed with chilli and garlic in pasta for a nice healthy choice. Tender as anything, they are also great fried in a light salt and pepper batter.

The most common squid recipes in Australia include salt and pepper squid, crisp squid and stuffed squid dishes.

Country of Origin: Australia

Minimum weight: 1,000g