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Hiramasa Kingfish Fillet, 350g. (Serves 2)

Hiramasa Kingfish Fillet, 350g. (Serves 2)

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Hiramasa kingfish, also called yellowtail kingfish, is a diverse fish with few bones. Yellowtail Kingfish is high in nutrients, low in calories, lean on fat and an excellent source of Omega-3. Helping to maintain a healthy heart and immune system and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Hiramasa is renowned as a sashimi grade fish has pale pink flesh, high fat content and a firm texture making it nutritious, convenient and versatile. It has a sweet, rich flavour perfect for kingfish poke, kingfish sashimi or kingfish ceviche.

Country of Origin: Australia

Minimum weight: 350g

*while we take care the upmost care in scaling and deboning, we can not guarantee there will be no bones.