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Coral Coast Barramundi Fillets from Costi Seafood
Coral Coast Barramundi Fillets in a plate with condiments, 350g. (Serves 2) from Costi seafood

Coral Coast Barramundi Fillet, 350g. (Serves 2)

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Barramundi fillets are an easy and nutritious choice to increase Omega-3 intake.

Barramundi is Australia's most popular and versatile fresh fish.

Best of all, Coral Coast barramundi is farmed sustainably in Queensland. They and free from additives, contaminants, chemicals and taints, so you can feel good about snacking on delicious seafood.

Barramundi is delicious fish with delicate soft flesh, a succulent texture and a mildly sweet taste. This Aussie favourite is versatile and easy to cook.
Country of Origin: Australia

Minimum weight: 350g

*While we take care the upmost care in scaling and deboning, we can not guarantee there will be no bones.